Help for Dogs with Separation Anxiety: Why a Certified Trainer Matters


February 16, 2024

If your dog experiences stress when left home alone, or has been diagnosed with separation anxiety by a veterinarian, it pays to hire a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer like myself. As a seasoned dog trainer with advanced certification, I have the specialized expertise and experience to help your beloved dog overcome this challenging issue and bring peace back into your home.

My extensive education, immersive training, and hands-on experience treating many dogs who experience alone-time distress make me uniquely qualified to accurately assess your dog’s specific triggers, body language and behavior. I stay up-to-date on the latest clinical research and best practices for addressing this complex problem. This enables me to develop customized behavior modification programs that incorporate positive, humane protocols tailored to your individual dog’s needs.

Unlike trainers without specific certification in separation anxiety training, I have a vast understanding of the most efficient and effective protocols that will bring relief to both you and your dog. My goal is always to create an effective plan that sets your dog up for faster resolution of their separation issues. With my certification and focus on individualized plans, you can feel confident your dog is in the hands of a trusted specialist.

Don’t settle for generic training that risks making your dog’s anxiety worse. My expertise and experience as a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer bring peace of mind that I can help your anxious dog feel safe and comfortable when left home alone.


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