About Phyllis

Licensed and Certified Dog Trainer

Turn frustration into a wagging tail with Go Dog! Training

Is your furry friend causing chaos instead of cuddles?

Meet Phyllis: Your compassionate guide and dog behavior specialist with over 16 years of experience.

  • Expert: Trained at the esteemed Academy for Dog Trainers and certified in separation anxiety.
  • Empathetic: Draws on her social work background to understand your needs and your dog’s emotions.
  • Experienced:  Her love of dogs has brought over a dozen dogs into her heart and home within the last 40 years; including a furry companion she fostered from a pit bull rescue. Phyllis trained each of them in either obedience, agility, nosework, tracking and more
  • Proven results: As an Animal Enrichment and Behavior Manager at Anderson Animal Shelter she achieved the lowest canine euthanasia rate in its history.

Go Dog! Training isn’t just about commands, it’s about

  • Building a joyful bond Learn to communicate with your dog and strengthen your furry friendship.
  • Solving pesky problems: Barking? Jumping? Anxiety? Phyllis tackles it all, judgment-free.
  • Creating a calm and happy home: Discover the joy of a well-behaved pup who brings peace, not pandemonium.
  • Unleashing your dog’s potential: Explore agility, nosework, or other fun activities that tap into your dog’s natural instincts.

Stop struggling and start celebrating with Go Dog! Training

Contact Phyllis today for a personal consultation and see how your dream dog is just a leash away.

Pet Professional Guild

An organization that promotes positive reinforcement training methods for pets.


Dog training program run by Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSATs) to help dogs overcome separation anxiety and live happy, anxiety-free lives with their owners.


Academy For Dog Trainers

A two-year online program for comprehensive education in dog training, behavior, and counseling.

Providing Safe, Convenient Training for Your Dog

Training Philosophy

I stand firmly in the evidence-based practice of positive reinforcement training.

Not only does research support its effectiveness, but it’s been proven to build stronger canine-human bonds by increasing a dog’s willingness to work, reducing stress on the owner and the dog.

It’s simply more fun for both the dog and their human counterpart.

That’s why we insist on enjoyable solutions for positive results!

Why I’m A Dog Trainer

I’ve always loved dogs and had a knack for training. But until I met Lucky, my incorrigible, canine sociopath, I never fully understood why my training methods worked. Because before Lucky, all of my dogs were very well behaved. Most could walk off leash and respond to multiple cues.

Lucky was very different. At an early age of 8 wks, he bit aggressively, often drawing blood and wanting to fight with every dog he encountered. He constantly tore into things and made messes in my home only to attack my vacuum when I tried cleaning up after him.

My Solutions?

  • I crated him while I vacuumed. He’d lift his leg and pee on the floor in response.
  • I put him in the fenced-in yard while I cleaned. He would find a way to escape.
  • I locked him in my bedroom. He’d destroy my comforter and pee on the floor.
  • I gave him more exercise on walks. He attacked people.
  • I tried playing fetch. Lucky wanted to eat every ball and had no interest in interacting with us.
  • I gave him more affection. He’d bite us in response.

After months and months of trying everything I could think of, I realized I couldn’t do it myself so I signed up for a dog training class. That’s when I discovered positive reinforcement training.

Through this new learning process, Lucky taught me that he needed more than discipline and exercise. He wanted to work and have fun while doing it. Once we discovered this together, he was actually easy to train!

It was the most exhilarating and satisfying time of my life seeing Lucky blossom into my enjoyable companion. I knew I wanted more of this. That’s when I made the choice to become a dog trainer and there was no turning back.

Thank you, Lucky. You’ve made my life, and now my career, so rewarding!

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My Canine Companions

Lucky, RIP

Sadly, we lost Lucky a week before his 18th birthday in April of 2021. He was one of a kind! RIP, sweet Lucky.

I’m a pretty intense terrier as you may have already heard in my mom’s story of WHY she became a dog trainer.

I showed her that as long as I receive consistent, positive reinforcement training, lots of exercise and massages, I’m an amazing dog to live with.

Sometimes I get together with other Jack Russell Terriers to race them and look for rats in tunnels.

Mom says it’s important for me to do the work I was born to do because it ultimately makes us both happy


I’m a purebred German shepherd from working bloodlines out of the former East Germany.

I was born to work and I love learning new things. I love rally obedience class and will play fetch all day.

Even though I’m considered a pretty intense dog, I’ve been trained using only positive reinforcement… And it’s been awesome for me and my mom!


Like my brother, Lucky, I’ve got a strong personality.

My mom met me at Anderson Animal Shelter, where she served as the behavior manager.

After 4 months, the staff wondered if I was safe to place in a home because I had bitten several staff and visitors during my stay.

My mom took me home as a foster dog to try to help me be a better-behaved boy.

I worked my charm on her and now I’m a safe and permanent member of the family.


I’m a purebred German shepherd who was relinquished to an animal shelter just a few weeks after my original owner bought me at a pet shop.

I was just a baby, and there were no fosters immediately available, so my mom brought me home for the “weekend” – you can probably guess the rest of this tail-wagging ending.